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In order to enjoy the sea, sun and sand in Adrasan to the fullest, it is strongly recommended to join the Bays Tour as well as the Suluada Tour. Although the only mode of transportation to Suluada is by sea, it is difficult to reach Adrasan Bays by road.

Adrasan Tur

Adrasan Bays with Boat Tour


Transportation to Adrasan Bays by road is not recommended. The reason is that the road passes through mountainous and forested areas. In most places, dirt roads are not suitable for cars.

If you have a land vehicle, it may be preferable to go to the bay area by road, as it will be full of adrenaline and excitement. However, since it will be very difficult to go down to the bays from the steep slopes this time, the most suitable method of transportation to the bays will be to go by sea.

Let’s take a look at what awaits us on our boat tour route in the bays.

Adrasan Bays Route

Akseki Bay (Honeymoon Bay)

Under the tour leadership of our Ramazan Captain, we start to visit the points on our route from Akseki Bay. About half an hour after leaving the Adrasan pier, Akseki Bay, also known as Honeymoon Bay, becomes our first stop on our route. After an approximate 1-hour break at Akseki Bay, we take an anchor and head straight for the second route.

Akseki gives the feeling of swimming in a pool with its dark glassy clear water. On the days when the sea is choppy, waves hit the Adrasan coast, but after 15 minutes, surprisingly, a pool-like place does not see any waves because it is in the form of a pocket.

The other name of Akseki Bay is Honey Bear Bay, which is not far from the Adrasan coast, fascinates its visitors with its waters, and because of this, newly married couples enjoy the sea alone.

Here, our lunch is prepared and the chef’s special choice, Sea Bass Fish or Chicken with Mediterranean Sauce, is the main dish of our menu. Next to it, spaghetti pasta and seasonal salad, potato salad or a local dish special to Adrasan await us. Our ice-cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served from the bar section of our boat.

Sazak Bay (Lovers Bay)

Our journey, which continues with lunch, proceeds to Sazak Bay, which is the second stop of the Bays Tour Route. We anchor our boat in Sazak Bay, also known as Lovers Bay, and leave ourselves to the cool Mediterranean waters. Sazak Cove is one of the untouched places with land access but still untouched. It is about 12 km from Adrasan bay. The forest road is quite bad and therefore can only be entered by off-road vehicles.

In the past, lovers preferred sazak sheep to get away from the crowd. It is a place that has been meeting places and brought together many lovers. That’s why lovers call Sazak Bay dark.

The reason why it is called Sazak Bay is because there are blueberries that grow all over the bay. In this region, the blueberry is called a sedge tree, and therefore it is called sazak bay.

After an average of 1 hour pause, our boat’s cabin untie the rope that fixed us to the land and we proceed towards our next destination.

During this journey, ice-cold watermelon and melon treats begin. This offer may vary according to the season. While Orange and Tangerine can be served at the beginning of the season, Cherry and Grape can be served in the middle of the season, that is, on hot July days, and Pomegranate at the end of the season.

Porto Ceneviz Bay

We arrive at the bay called Porto Ceneviz Bay or simply “Geneviz Bay”. Our boat releases its anchor and we anchor. Genoese Bay is the third leg of our tour. Fun and Adrenaline is pretty high. While visiting new places, we also take advantage of the blessings of the sea to the fullest.

Just like Pirate Bay, Genoese Bay is a strategic place used by pirates to stay and hide in ancient times. It is one of the rare places that never sees waves in the Mediterranean. Regardless of the weather conditions, it is a place suitable for summer and winter shelter.

The difference of Genoese bay from other points on our route is the presence of the “Mud Bath for Youth” area. The mud consisting of a mixture of black clay soil and sea water, which is only found here in Adrasan, is turned into youth mud.

It is known that this mud, which consists of clay and sand on the coast, is healing for diseases such as skin diseases and joint pains. In addition, we recommend the Mud Bath in Adrasan to our guests who join our tour on this route, as it is very beneficial in terms of beauty and skin care. Our guests can benefit from the mud bath free of charge. It is also an ideal place for those who do not know how to swim with its shallow sea.

During our break in Genoa Bay, our tea service, which is indispensable for most of us, begins. In addition to the unlimited and completely free tea, biscuits are also served to our guests.

Since we provide service with the all-inclusive system, you do not pay a lot of extras while traveling with our Karaoğlan 07 Tour and Sightseeing Boat. For example, in some Boat Tour organizations, you are charged for even tench fish ready for lunch, while Sea Bass is served on the Adrasan Tur – Karaoğlan 07 Boat, which is included in the tour fee. In terms of price, you will never encounter surprises at the end of the tour. Would you like to review our boat tour fee policy?

Pirate Bay (Shepherd Harbor or Aquarium Bay)

Korsan Bay is one of the places that has a very famous name and is our last stop on our route. The place known as Çoban Harbor or Aquarium Bay is actually Pirate Bay. It has more than one name.

Pirate Bay, as the name suggests, is a naturally sheltered area where pirates were hidden in ancient times. Due to the intense maritime trade route in this region, it is the place where they can easily attack the passing trade ships. Plenty of amphorae (broken jug pieces) on the ground and historical building remains on the sheep slope have survived to the present day. Diving lovers and professional divers often prefer this area for diving purposes.