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There are many activities that you can come to Adrasan, one of the longest bays in Antalya and the owner of the blue flag, to relieve the stress and tiredness of a whole year. There is no doubt that you will have a great time with the activities organized on land, beach and sea. You stretch your feet towards the sea and start enjoying the sea and nature. 🙂

Sea Activities in Adrasan


The best activity to do in the sea is actually swimming for most of us. Especially if the place to swim is the cool and deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, there is nothing to say to our pleasure. It is possible to join Suluada and Bay Area (Sazak, Genoese, Korsan and Akseki Bays) tours with Daily Boat Tours. We visit the beaches, coves, cliffs and caves located off the coast of Adrasan, respectively.

As of 2019, 60 large and small boats from the Adrasan pier and nearly 100 tour boats as of 2020 sail to the Mediterranean, giving their guests unforgettable moments. These tour boats generally operate on 2 routes. Suluada Route and Bays Route.

Adrasan Private Boat Tour and Organizations

While you can choose these wonderful routes, we also have special trips, activities and organizations for you and your relatives. Moreover, our nautical organizations can be made according to your preference, regardless of day or night.

Private Boat Tours for Sightseeing

In Private Boat Tours, there are many tour options such as Suluada route, Bays Route, 5 Islands Route and free route. To give a brief information about the places you will see on these routes:

  • Private Suluada Boat Trip: Maldives beach, Miami beach, Love cave, American bay and Adrasan Fener bay.
  • Private Adrasan Bays Boat Tour: Akseki bay, Sazak bay, Porto Ceneviz bay and Korsan bay.
  • Private 5 Islands Boat Tour: This route consists of dense cliffs. It is usually a location preferred by professional divers.

Bachelorette Party at Sea

It is a type of party where the bride and groom candidates come together for the last time with their close friends and have fun to the fullest before the marriage. Bachelor Party, attended only by male or female guests, has become quite common in recent years.

adrasan günlük tekne organizasyonları.

By making this fun party even more exciting, we organize it at sea with our tour boat Karaoğlan 07 under the leadership of Ramazan Kaptan. Call us for more detailed information and reservations about the Daily Bachelorette Party Tour, which is one of our highly sought-after private boat tour organizations.

Birthday Party on the Boat

Would you like to make this special day even more special that everyone celebrates by getting together with their relatives and friends once a year? If you are thinking about how to make a birthday, we have a great suggestion for you.

denizde tekne ile doğum günü partisi

It is a great form of organization that you can organize with your employees for both leisure and business purposes. Or it will be a great organization idea for your promotion, meeting or presentation with your guests coming from home or abroad for a business meeting.

Karaoğlan Tour Boats

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If you have a tour plan other than these in your mind, you can implement it by contacting us. Do not delay your dreams. Contact us.