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This is Suluada, not Maldives!
Boat trip from Adrasan to Suluada every day at 10:30.

Our tour route starts in the direction of Suluada, departing from Adrasan bay at 10:30 am every day. Accompanied by our professional licensed captain Ramazan Kaptan and our high security tour boat Karaoğlan 07, we sail into the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean. Our target is Suluada, we dance to the accompaniment of local and foreign hit music, and we cross the waves one by one. And then the image of Suluada resembling a human silhouette appears.

suluada drone ile çekilen 360 derece fotoğraf

Suluada Boat Tour


Maldives Beach (Suluada Small Beach)

Suluada is reached after a sea voyage that takes about 1 hour. During this time, our guests can sunbathe on the upper floor of our boat by taking advantage of the morning sun or watch the natural wonder of the Mediterranean’s blue waves, cliffs and cliffs.

You can try fishing using Lapara and Capari from the back of our boat. Who knows, if you’re on your lucky day, maybe you can catch a sea bream or a sea bass. Our Karaoğlan 07 boat has a “Sea Creatures and Fishing Permit”.

We are approaching Suluada with nostalgic and slow music. The first place we will anchor is the Maldives beach (small beach), which is on the right side of the island according to our departure direction. We set foot in Turkey’s Maldives Suluada and our approximately 1 hour time starts for you to enjoy this beautiful beach and the light blue sea.

Suluada Maldivler Plajı (Küçük Plaj)

It is an ideal beach whether you are a professional swimmer or an amateur swimmer or even if you do not know how to swim. The water is so clear and transparent that when you open your eyes under the water, you will be able to see the fish very closely, as if in an aquarium. Since the beach of the Maldives beach consists of small pebbles and sand, there are no algae and sea urchins.

You will spend wonderful moments that you will never forget at Suluada Maldives Beach, one of Turkey’s most suitable beaches for swimming. With the “we’re taking off” announcement of the Ramadan captain, our journey to the next location begins after all our passengers board our boat. Meanwhile, our lunch service begins.

What’s on our rich lunch menu?

  • Fish or Chicken as main course
  • Spaghetti Pasta
  • Seasonal salad, bean stew and potato salad.
  • You can find alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the bar section of our tour boat. Click for detailed information about Suluada Tour Food Menu.
Suluada İlk Durağımız Maldivler Plajı

Miami Beach (Suluada Big Beach)

We arrive at the second stop of our Suluada tour in about 15 minutes. We anchor our boat at Suluada Big Beach, known as Miami beach, and our guests, who are overwhelmed by the heat throughout the journey, immerse themselves in the cool waters for about 45 minutes. Since Miami Beach is the most ideal anchorage for lunch, you have plenty of time to enjoy your meal here. We increase the rhythm of our music and set off by anchoring towards our next Suluada route.

Love Cave

After our guests cool off in the cool waters of the sea, we take an anchor and move on to our next stop, the “Love Cave” or the Lovers’ Cave. Here, the captain of our tour boat, Ramazan Kaptan, shows his mastery and brings our boat safely closer to the depths of the cave. We do not have a chance to anchor in the place where the love cave is located due to the irregular and fast currents.

In addition, in this part of our Sulu Island tour, swimming in the sea is strictly prohibited due to the current.

You can take selfies by crossing the bridge at the back of our boat in the cave of love. Our captain provides us with the necessary time for everyone to take a selfie photo.

Spring Water in Suluada

Our next stop is the place where the water source that gives Suluada its name is located. Although this place does not have a special name, this source gives it the feature of being the only island of Turkey with drinkable fresh water. It is known that the spring water of Suluada, which is ice-cold and of drinkable quality, is healing and even reduces kidney stones. For this reason, people from Adrasan and other districts of Antalya come to visit the water source of Suluada to find healing. At this stop of our journey, our cold treats such as Seasonal Fruits, Melon and Watermelon are served free of charge.

Since it is between the rocks, there is no suitable area for a fountain. For this reason, it becomes very difficult for the boat to anchor in this area when the sea is choppy. If we add the boat traffic on top of that, it is very difficult to enter this area. However, with the masterful maneuvers of Ramazan Captain, you will have seen this natural wonder section as the boat anchored safely to this section. Be sure to taste the ice-cold Suluada water here.

American Bay (Kelleci Bay)

Our fifth stop on the Suluada tour will be the American Bay, also known as Kelleci Bay. Suluada is one of the most beautiful beaches of our route. We anchor here for an average of 1 hour and take a tea break. Along with tea, sweet and salty treats such as biscuits and crackers are served.

Amerikan Koyu

The reason why this area is called the American Bay is that the Americans set up camp here in the past, dived into the Gelidonya Shipwreck with a professional team and took the valuables and ship remains from the historical ship to their countries. They delivered the amphorae, namely the small and large jug jars, to our country, saying that we found them, and the authorities took these pieces to be exhibited in the Bodrum Museum, Turkey’s first maritime museum.

Adrasan Fener Bay

Fener Bay is the last stop of our Adrasan-Suluada tour. In fact, it is the recess where the old lighthouse is located in the Adrasan bay. Finally, after a 15-minute swimming break, we set out for Adrasan beach.

Fener Limanı Koyu

Adrasan Lighthouse was built in the Gulf of Adrasan after the Gelidonya Lighthouse, which dates back to ancient times, and it is very important for ships to cruise in this direction at night.

In the old days, because there was no electricity, a kerosene lamp was lit, and a guard was waiting for this gas lamp so that it would not go out until the morning. As the technology progresses over the years, the lighthouse, which is solar powered and automatically lit up until the morning, is of vital importance for boaters in the night cruising, which is checked once a week.

360 derece suluada fotoğrafları

At around 17:00 in the evening, almost all tour boats entered a fierce struggle towards the shores of Adrasan with the songs of Haluk Levent’s “Long live Mustafa Kemal Pasha” (Youtube: Flowers bloom in the mountains of İzmir) at the same time, and this wonderful tour, or rather unforgettable memories, will remain in your mind. We are coming to the end of the beautiful day.