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Our captain Ramazan KARAOĞLAN, who was born in 1987 in Antalya Adrasan, could no longer prevent his interest in the sea after completing his education life and worked in boat tour organizations in Adrasan as a “miço” in 2000. Ramazan Kaptan, who is from 7 Generations Adrasan, gains the experience of a sailor and a master sailor, respectively, in a very short time. He acts as a ship captain on ships and boats.

In 2014, Ramazan Kaptan bought his first tour boat with a capacity of 28 people and started to organize boat trips from Adrasan to tour routes. Our Mediterranean lover captain has a Professional Ship Captain License.

Ramazan KARAOĞLAN, who has a sea-lover personality since his childhood, is a married princess father. The precious wife of our Ramazan Captain, Mrs. Imran, is also the licensed “Second Captain” of our “Karaoğlan 07” Tour Boat.

KARAOGLAN (Black Son) 07 Boat


In 2019, Ramazan Kaptan purchased a boat with a capacity of 36 people and continued to organize more professional boat tours to the Mediterranean excursion routes.

General Information About Karaoğlan 07 Tour Boat

Our tour boat named “Karaoğlan-07”, which was produced and met with the sea in 2017, is 3 years old and all controls and maintenance are carried out periodically every year. Some physical features of our 15 meters long and 5 meters wide boat are as follows:

Parts of the Boat

  • Captain’s Lodge
  • 1 locker cabin
  • 1 washbasin
  • 1 WC
  • kitchen section
  • DJ Boat Music Systems Area
  • 1 shower
  • 1 bridge
  • 2 ladders

Physical Properties

  • Ship Type : Wooden Excursion (Delience) Ship
  • Net Tons : 10 Tons
  • Gross Tons: 18 Tons
  • Engine Type : Diesel Engine
  • Engine Power: 282 BHP
  • Full Length : 14.9 meters
  • Log Width: 5.05 meters
  • Summer Capacity: 36 people
  • Winter Capacity: 18 people

Ship Lifesaving Equipment

Our Tour and Organization Boat is periodically inspected every year by the Security Experts and Engineers affiliated to the “Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure” in accordance with TSE standards, and the safety equipment of our boat is as follows:

  • 3 Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • 2 life buoys
  • 41 adult life jackets
  • 4 child life jackets

Boat Permit and License Information

  • Amatör Balıkçılık Turizmi İzni
  • Turizm İşletmesi İzni
  • Açık Alkollü İçki Satış İzni
  • İşyeri Açma ve Çalıştırma İzni bulunmaktadır.

Ramazan Kaptan Course and Seminar Information

  • Master Seaman License
  • Food & Beverage Services – Assistant Chef Course (MEB)
  • Food & Beverage Services – Chef Hygiene Training (MEB)
  • Personal Development – Occupational and Occupational Health Education (MEB)

Personal Accident Insurance

You, our valuable passengers, are insured with the assurance of HDI Insurance.

Boat Insurance Policy

You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ – Faq) page where we answer your questions about our Mediterranean Tour Boat.